London, Greater London
Jul 29, 2011
ECOPED: Ecoped Facebook Terms 15/8/12

Our Story

No gas. No insurance. No license. No way?

Yes way. In fact, ECOPED is the really smart way to get around. And that's made us the bestselling electric scooter in Canada.

Combining the convenience of a pedal bicycle with the power of a traditional scooter, ECOPED is classified as a bike, so you don't need a driver's license or insurance to ride it.

And because it's a bike (in an air quotes kind of way), you can ride your ECOPED in bike lanes and park it almost anywhere for free.

On the other hand, because it's not actually a bike (those air quotes again), it's fast, accelerating from 0 to 30km/h in just over 4 seconds.

Smart design means gentle on the environment and on you.

When we design our ECOPED scooters, we think about every inch of it to make sure it’s designed smart – because a smart design means a better ride and less impact on the world around us. For instance:

  • Wheels are selected to be reliable for city riding

  • Frame is recyclable for that day when you’ll want to trade in your scooter for a new one

  • LED lights are more efficient to help conserve battery charge

  • Batteries are automotive grade for maximum power and available in two sizes – a smaller one that’s easier to carry indoors for recharging and a larger one that lasts longer

And speaking of recharging, ECOPED of course turns its handlebar up at gasoline, preferring instead good clean and affordable electricity – about 32¢ per 50km charge. So with an ECOPED, you’re not just saving money – you’re dramatically reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part for the environment too.

Way cool, eh?