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Jul 29, 2011
ECOPED: Ecoped Facebook Terms 15/8/12


3 big reasons you'll want your very own ECOPED.

ECOPED is the bestselling electric scooter in Canada for a reason - or make that three big ones.

Go Green

ECOPED uses electricity instead of gasoline, so choosing one instead of a car dramatically reduces your carbon footprint.

Save Money

ECOPED costs less than $0.007/km to charge or about 32 ¢ -- seriously, what costs 32 ¢ anymore? And because it's classified as a bicycle, you can park almost anywhere for free.


You won't just relax because you're not peddling like a traditional bike. You won't have to worry about getting insurance or a driver's license either. (It's still a good idea to check your local and provincial electric scooter laws before you riding your ECOPED.)