London, Greater London
Jul 29, 2011
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CityGo (2010)

Personal transport - redesigned

Around the city or around the block, ECOPED CityGo is the evolution of the popular City45 scooter. CityGo features improved battery life, enhanced rider comfort and is constructed from more durable components, while maintaining a clean and aerodynamic design.

CityGo is part of a new family of electric hybrid bicycles, capable of going anywhere regular bicycles are allowed. CityGo is great for bike lanes, paved trails and low-traffic streets. Riders can park virtually anywhere bicycle racks are available. This means free parking anywhere and at any time. Check your local bike laws before riding.

CityGo is available in silver-blue and yellow-graphite. See your local retailer for availability.

CityGo by the numbers

  • Motor: 350W Running, 500W Peak

  • Battery: 48V 12Ah or 10A 4-Cell Lead Acid Rechargeable

  • Top Speed: 32km/h

  • Brakes: Front Drum, Rear Drum with Electronic ABS

  • Storage: Removable locking compartment

  • Lights: Front, directional and rear halogen

  • Security: Wheel lock, ignition key-start

  • Distance per charge: Up to 60km/h. Distance may vary based on rider weight, road conditions and tire pressure.

  • Bike weight: 130lbs

  • Rider weight (with cargo): 275lbs

  • Colours: Blue-Silver-White or Yellow-Graphite-black

  • Included: ECOPED CityGo bike, user manual, charger and cables, side mirrors, storage compartment, owners pack

Download the CityGo User Manual here