London, Greater London
Jul 29, 2011
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Hybrid45e (2008)

Freedom on wheels

ECOPED Hybrid 45e offers the freedom of a bicycle with the convenience and safety features of a traditional scooter. With the Hybrid 45e, you have the perfect commuter car replacement for short distances or getting around town. Plus, as with all ECOPED scooters, no license, insurance or registration is required.

Hybrid45e by the numbers

  • Motor: 300W Running, 450W Peak

  • Battery: 48V 12A 4-Cell Lead Acid Rechargeable

  • Top Speed: 32km/h

  • Brakes: Front Disc, Rear Disc with Electronic ABS

  • Storage: Removable locking compartment

  • Lights: Front, directional and rear halogen

  • Security: Wheel lock, ignition key-start

  • Distance per charge: Up to 60km/h. Distance may vary based on rider weight, road conditions and tire pressure.

  • Bike weight: 130lbs

  • Rider weight (with cargo): 275lbs

  • Colours: Blue-Silver

  • Included: ECOPED Hybrid45e bike, user manual, charger and cables, side mirrors, storage compartment

Download the Hybrid45e User Manual here